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Content Curation: Make It Work for You

One of the challenging things in maintaining a blog, distributing a newsletter, or even sending a “how are you doing?” email to a customer is figuring out what to write about. But surprise! You don’t have to create everything from scratch. Instead, rely on content curation. Have you heard the term? Content curation is “the art of […]

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How Businesses are Using the Yo App

The Yo app was initially ridiculed by media as being the simplest and most pointless social app ever. But Yo app inventor Or Abel is laughing all the way to bank, as businesses have found ways to use it effectively and investors have sent millions in funding. The Yo app, when launched, did one thing: […]

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Setting Up Your Business — Correctly — on Facebook

A few weeks ago I sat down with an Alexandria business owner to look at his business presence on Facebook. “Hang on,” he said. “I need to log out from my personal account and log in with my business account.” Does that sound like you? A lot of business owners, concerned about personal privacy, create […]

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Making Sure Twitter Helps Your Business

Twitter has more than 271 million monthly active users, and 94 percent of users who follow businesses are on the lookout for discounts and special deals. Hashtags routinely appear on Super Bowl commercials. But, it’s a medium that needs daily attention and quick responsiveness, particularly if your customers decide to use it as a customer […]

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Is Instagram Right for My Business?

With more than 70 million users in the United States and a user base that skews young and affluent, many businesses are taking another look at Instagram. Instagram is a mobile app-based photo sharing network, where an individual or business can post photos of events, items or anything else with captions and clickable, searchable hashtags. […]

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Which Social Network is Right for Your Business?

Options abound when it comes to social media – there are dozens of “major” social networks (those with more than 500,000 active users) and new social platforms hit the market all the time. With the optimism and energy behind starting your own business, many entrepreneurs create business profiles on several social networks, only to find […]

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To Do More Business Online, Be a Little Less ‘Businesslike’

It’s nearly 2014, and you know your business has to be on the internet. But once you’re online, just how businesslike do you need to be? Obviously, your company’s online presence has to meet some basic standards of professionalism — make sure all the text on your website has been spell-checked and, if you use […]

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Follow the Trend – Increase Your Audience Using Social Media

Today, staying connected to the latest social media outlets is almost the equivalent of staying in touch with the world; especially when it comes to business. Each day, as a business owner, you ask the question, “How do I expand my audience or clientele?” In order to generate revenue it is important to stay relevant. […]