Blogger, the Small Business Blog Tool by Google [webinar]

The Social Media Revolution started nearly 20 years ago! But, hands down the Social Web couldn’t have developed so quickly in the mainstream without the proliferation of the “blog.” And there’s no other blogging service out there that hasn’t had

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4 Lessons on Writing for Your Business’s Website or Blog

For a business looking to try something new or different on its website, it’s never been easier than right now. Adding streaming video, real-time social media feeds and attractive design effects can be simple. And users have the bandwidth and savvy to handle it when they land on a more complex site. There’s never been […]

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3 Things You Should Know Before Using Google AdWords

The reasons to use Google AdWords to market your business are numerous. The reasons not to are nearly as plentiful. If you’re not sure whether you should use the popular search advertising platform, this post won’t go very far in helping you make that decision. There are too many variables, starting with your budget, your […]