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Hello New “Sub-Urbanism:” Market & Design Trends Before, After, & Way Way After COVID19 Part II?

Learn more: You may like to check out the referenced articles here, and here.Photos: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven.Recommended Reading:Stores are more visible than BrandsSome said it is impossible to actualize a brand without bricks n mortarSome said stores not online are the future of retailYou will find an important read about […]

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Hello New “Sub-Urbanism:” Market & Design Trends Before, After, & Way Way After COVID19 Part I?

Learn more here: ou may want to check out: “The Pandemic Will Change American Retail Forever.”

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Retail Doom & Gloom: Crisis or Opportunity?

Mid Year State of the Market: Maurisa Potts, in a mid year “state of the market” presentation sponsored by the Alexandria SBDC featured a headline stating, “Soft economy hitting big retailers hard.” There are, I might add, some small ones not doing too well either. Potts went on to note that online shopping is not […]

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What do you mean by “Feasibility Assessment?”

Contemplation – Imagine you are a retailer contemplating this tenant space. Clearly, you might be asking yourself; “now what?” Suppose a few of the questions below move from unconscious reflection to conscious contemplation without ensuing answers, then assessing a project to see what is actually required could facilitate the decision making process and provide many […]

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How Businesses are Using the Yo App

The Yo app was initially ridiculed by media as being the simplest and most pointless social app ever. But Yo app inventor Or Abel is laughing all the way to bank, as businesses have found ways to use it effectively and investors have sent millions in funding. The Yo app, when launched, did one thing: […]

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Is Instagram Right for My Business?

With more than 70 million users in the United States and a user base that skews young and affluent, many businesses are taking another look at Instagram. Instagram is a mobile app-based photo sharing network, where an individual or business can post photos of events, items or anything else with captions and clickable, searchable hashtags. […]

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Which Social Network is Right for Your Business?

Options abound when it comes to social media – there are dozens of “major” social networks (those with more than 500,000 active users) and new social platforms hit the market all the time. With the optimism and energy behind starting your own business, many entrepreneurs create business profiles on several social networks, only to find […]

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Is This The Future of Advertisement?

Maybe you noticed it but you probably didn’t.  It’s that post on your Facebook feed that is an ad, but its made to look like just another post from a friend.  In this day and age where we expect our newspapers, leaders, doctors, and teachers and to provide full disclosure of financial arrangements and other […]