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Getting (Mostly Good) Google Reviews

Google commands nearly 80% of Web and 90% of mobile search traffic on the planet. With global search leaders such as Yahoo, Bing (Microsoft), and Baidu (in China) still commanding between 5 and 15 percent each, they are forces not

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What’s New at Google – May June July 2017

In the past few months, Google has been busy! Google added some fancy charting features to Google Sheets, Android Pay partnered with PayPal, Google NoCaptcha reCaptcha arrived, Backup and Sync from Google became available, and easy HIPAA compliance showed up

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Getting Found on Google: Search Engine Optimization for Local Small Business

In our latest Beyond Google Webinar, I had the pleasure of talking about “Getting Found on Google: Search Engine Optimization for Local Small Business.” This is an important topic and one in which is even more important today with increased

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#AskaMobilePro Twitter Chat – June 23, 2016 with @GoogleSmallBiz

As you know, there is a month for everything! From heritage to interests to social causes, there is an opportunity to focus your marketing on likely for every 30 day cycle of the year. I know that retail sales goes

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Webinar: Google Chrome: The Little Browser That Can

Most people don’t realize the importance of vital resources until it’s missing suddenly from their lives. Case in point: you likely don’t contemplate the air you breathe at any given moment, unless you’re deprived of it. Not to be too

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Google Keep, Voice Search, and Voice Typing in Google Docs – What’s New at Google

Periodically, I will be writing a What’s New at Google post here to update you about new updates to the Google ecosystem that affects you as a Small Business owner. These can be warnings as well as the many frequent enhancements

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Create Brand Experiences Using the 3 M’s

Brands are everywhere! Products and services are constantly advertised to consumers through social media, mobile devices, digital signage among many other new and traditional avenues. There is more competition than ever for brand recognition and loyalty among consumers. As consumers increase in volume and technological savvy, businesses must adapt their approach to marketing and branding […]

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Creating an Email Community With Google [Webinar]

Creating an Email Community With Google Email is a powerful communication tool when used effectively in a Small Business environment. And, Social Media is touted as the primary community-building tool on the Web. Well, email is just as powerful, and