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Social Media Marketing with Facebook, Getting Started

On “Switched on IT,” the PowerTV Australia show that co-hosted by Doug Endersbee of OZ Hosting and W3 Consulting’s Ray Sidney-Smith, Episode 4, Doug interviews Ray about Social Media marketing, starting with the use of Facebook, Instagram and som…

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Is Facebook Really Implementing a Dislike Button?

Since the early days of social networking services becoming a place for businesses to engage in marketing to past, current and potential customers, there has been a debate over how to respond appropriately to users’ content and comments. That conversation

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Create Brand Experiences Using the 3 M’s

Brands are everywhere! Products and services are constantly advertised to consumers through social media, mobile devices, digital signage among many other new and traditional avenues. There is more competition than ever for brand recognition and loyalty among consumers. As consumers increase in volume and technological savvy, businesses must adapt their approach to marketing and branding […]

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Setting Up Your Business — Correctly — on Facebook

A few weeks ago I sat down with an Alexandria business owner to look at his business presence on Facebook. “Hang on,” he said. “I need to log out from my personal account and log in with my business account.” Does that sound like you? A lot of business owners, concerned about personal privacy, create […]

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Facebook Timeline Comes to Brand Pages

If you’re like most Small Business owners, your Facebook Page stood the same way today as it will tomorrow. However, Facebook has changed your Page to the new Timeline format whether you, I or your customers like it or not. Actually, they did so on March 31, 2012. Facebook is not where I engage my target audiences primarily […]