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Job Matters: Wonder Woman to the Rescue!

In today’s somewhat fragile economy, there still are some companies out there that are hiring. If you are, congratulations! If you are hiring, you probably have a corporate recruiter/human resources manager who is working diligently to find the best person for your jobs. Maybe the role is so important you’re doing the hiring yourself. Either […]

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Dealing with performance issues is a critical component of any founder or manager’s job. Since this often involves conflict and difficult emotions, many people put this off. That often means they do not deal with problems until it is too late to effective solve them. Firing and replacing staff is disruptive and expensive at best. […]

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Non-Competition Agreements for Small Business: Not Too Broad or Too Narrow, But Just Right

Non-competition agreements, or non-solicitation agreements, are generally clauses within employment agreements which limit employees’ ability to enter into employment or to start a business which competes with a former employer.  Under Virginia law, non-competes (sometimes called or written plainly “noncompetes”), though viewed as a restraint of trade, are enforceable if the three prongs of the […]