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Hello New “Sub-Urbanism:” Market & Design Trends Before, After, & Way Way After COVID19 Part II?

Learn more: You may like to check out the referenced articles here, and here.Photos: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven.Recommended Reading:Stores are more visible than BrandsSome said it is impossible to actualize a brand without bricks n mortarSome said stores not online are the future of retailYou will find an important read about […]

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The Benefits of Emphasizing Design for Small Business

In the excellent book, The Strategic Designer, author David Holston makes the following astute observation about a reality of doing business in today’s world: “Businesses, like designers, need to be in a constant state of ideation. Design gives firms a competitive advantage in overcrowded markets by identifying unique value and connecting audiences, as well as […]

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Design Thinking: Understanding Creative Process for Small Business

According to Ellen Lupton, author/editor of Graphic Design Thinking: Beyond Brainstorming, “The concept design thinking commonly refers to the processes of ideation, research, prototyping and user interaction (p. 5).” Design thinking is what really fuels what we might call the “creative process”. I am personally a proponent of the phrase “design thinking” because it rightly […]