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Small Business Insurance: A Necessity From the Start

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The “to do list” is long and daunting when you are start a new business. What entity to use ? What about office space ? What office furniture and equipment do I need ? All are good and necessary questions. Frequently missing from the list – what type of small business insurance will I need ? This question is one of the most important.

Insurance protects your business from losses due to fire, theft, yours and your employee’s negligence, and accidents that occur in your office. In its various forms, it provides peace of mind for you, protection for your business, its assets and your own personal assets.

While insurance needs depend on the business’ nature, almost all businesses should have a commercial general liability (CGL) policy. This policy protects the business from the costs of defense and settlements or judgments that result from bodily injury, property damage, libel, and slander claims. Depending on the policy and the nature of the claim, it may cover the costs of defense and a settlement or judgment for a breach of contract claim.

In addition to a CGL policy, if a business provides services, error and omissions (malpractice) insurance is a necessity. This policy provides protection for claims which allege negligence in the provision of services to customers and clients. A CGL policy does not cover these claims.

If the business owns the building or the business has business personal property, property insurance is a necessity. Property insurance protects the business property from fire, theft, vandalism and the like. If the business owns motor vehicles, then commercial auto insurance is necessary to protect the business from any claims arising from accidents in company owned vehicles. If employees drive their own cars for business purposes, then non-owned auto liability coverage is necessary in case the employee does not carry auto insurance or has inadequate coverage.

Depending on circumstances, other insurance policies that a small business should consider are: workers compensation insurance (required if the business has employees), business interruption insurance, disability insurance, data breach insurance, directors and officers insurance, and products’ liability insurance.

Many of the above coverages may be combined into a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP). A BOP is a package policy that combines the more common coverages, CGL, property, auto, business interruption, for example, into a single policy with premiums that are lower than if you purchased each policy separately.

To assess the types and amount of insurance that best suits your business, seek out an independent insurance agent who specializes in commercial lines insurance. Such an agent has the ability to shop the policy around for the best coverages and deductibles for the best premium. Since not all policies are created equal, the independent insurance agent is invaluable in comparing policies to ensure that you are buying the most appropriate insurance for your purposes. As 2012 comes to a close and 2013 dawns, it is a great time to assess or reassess your insurance needs. 

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