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Delegate to Consolidate in Your Small Business

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In business management, delegation is a critical element in productivity. Many entrepreneurs have such a strong desire to succeed; we want to complete all tasks on own to avoid feeling a lack of control and to ensure things are getting done “our way”. (Side note: Our way is not always the “right” way). There are two things I think of when defining leadership. The first thought is someone who initiates and second, identifies someone who has people around them in the same setting with less superior roles. In order to be a leader, there must be someone else to lead. In business and many other platforms, a leader creates the rules, laws or assignments for others to follow or carry out.

When delegation is done properly it will save you time, develops your team and prepares a successor. After all, most of us are entrepreneurs because we want financial freedom and most of all FREEDOM. So, the sure way to obtain that is to train someone to be a productive member of the business. In order for a leader to be effective, delegation is key. You are only one person. You can’t do EVERYTHING. Maybe in the beginning when things are just getting started you can use time management to take care of almost everything but as your business grows, it is important to divide task and allow others to assist.

A strong business structure depends on weight or tasks to be evenly distributed. If there are too many items assigned to one person, it may cause that person to be less efficient and therefore the results of their performance may be less than acceptable. The main purpose of delegating tasks is to consolidate. You want your business to be more coherent as a whole, stronger and more solid. As a business owner, some things cannot be delegated to other people. Delegating task isn’t an excuse for you to be lazy, it allows you as a leader to have more time to focus on your responsibilities on the “To Do” list.

It is important to recognize that in the beginning we may not have the funds to hire full time support and there are many ways to still get the help you need. Depending on your field, you may be able to hire an intern. Many students need real business experience to put on their resume upon graduating from college. Without it, getting a job after graduation will seem almost unattainable. If you have the time to train someone, an intern would be a great choice. Eventually, the intern will be an asset to you and by giving them a job you are an asset to them as well. If you do not have the time to train, you can still hire an expert to assist without spending a lot of money. Hire a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants are usually experts in certain niches and in many cases have promotions to give you a discount on services. One virtual assistant company who specializes in many areas of business is KQ Associates, visit .

Now you have just multiplied yourself and successfully divided tasks to consolidate your business. Although there are a few people involved now, it is still one unit working to accomplish the same end result.

Lydia D. Washington, CEO

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