The black checkered Bakelite grips are in perfect condition and are retained by steel rivets with dressed obverse heads. D&EBAY #35428 Period Altered K-98 Bayonet – Paul Weyersberg. The long blade is the style with wide fuller. Sold - US M4 Bayonet - Utica WWII model made by Utica unused in original box. The crossguard still has the rounded area at the top spine to accommodate a rifle barrel but there has been a long thin quillon added to the crossguard and seems to be retained by two rivets which go through the blade itself. The scabbard is a fine example. The blade is Mint condition. It shows minor crazing but remains in very serviceable condition. The 16" bayonets were issued early during the war, but by war's end most bayonets were the shorter 7 1/2" (?) This open-winged eagle etch produced by Pack is the most impressive of them all. We formed and ground a fine new tip which came out quite well. The original paint is in very fine, being about 99% intact. The hilt has 100% of the original nickel plating and has not been cleaned. A nice, unmarked example here, and one that doesn't break the bank. Ostmark". The obverse shows a few carrying signs and the reverse is in better condition having about 98% of the original paint. Both grips have been beautifully hand carved and fit and are retained by nickel-plated steel rivets having dressed heads on the obverse. It was worn by enlisted and NCO personnel. In 1942, the US Military determined that a shorter bayonet … The blued blade is clean. D&EBAY #33795 Luftwaffe Long Etched Bayonet – Carl Eickhorn. The long blade of this bayonet is complete with a wide fuller. The grip plates are the black checkered Bakelite being in perfect condition. This frog has a boss and a retainer loop at the upper area. The original paint shows wear on both sides but overall is about 85% intact. The entire bayonet and scabbard are devoid of blued finish. It has a few extremely minor scratches on the reverse but they are difficult to see and the obverse is totally free of wear. Overall this paint is about 65-70%. The grip plates are the standard black checkered variety, retained by offset rivets with spanner nuts. It is in perfect mint condition and looks great. It is my feeling that this bayonet was custom ordered through the Puma fir and designed and produced accordingly. The lug is the typical WKC "roach" type. D&EBAY #43424 Early Stag Grip Bayonet - Carl Eickhorn. This blade is in Mint condition. Men are in field gear, two on outer edge front row have rifles with fixed bayonets. The panel has outstanding frosted backgrounds and features the standard remembrance in two lines on the obverse. It’s a really unique look. It is a pleasure to offer this rare bayonet etch, being the Eickhorn etch pattern #3231. For those of you out there that collect bayonet types this is an extremely rare Voos example of this etch pattern. In any case it is a very rarely seen pattern and certainly very desirable to the etched bayonet collector. The long blade is a beauty. Country Pages —start here if you think you know the country of origin. The hilt still have all of the nickel plating, which shows some age but remains basically intact. There is some age in this paint, but a little wax would clean it up nicely. The long-style blade has a wide fuller construction. The patent leather frog shows attic crazing throughout but is still serviceable. This is one of the rarest of the Luftwaffe etched patterns, and is a key piece to any advanced etched bayonet collection; a good opportunity here to acquire a rarely seen bayonet. The mortise button and lock work well, but the original felt is missing from the rifle slot. The obverse rivet heads retain all of their nickel plating and are retained by spanner nuts on the reverse. D&EBAY #39324C Etched Long Panzer Bayonet – Robert Klaas. The original leather washer is gone to time. The mortise button and lock work well. The etch can be seen in the Wayne Techet book on page 174, lower. This blade is in mint condition, a features the standard remembrance set in two ribbons, surrounded by oak leaves, in the center. The blade reverse is plain and on the obverse is the rarely seen Luftwaffe etch. The short blade is a very fine near mint example having good bright finish and medium size fuller. This frog is of five rivet construction. The accompanying scabbard is a very a nice, straight example. The scabbard shell of this example is straight throughout. It is a high quality example, with two large steel rivets below the belt loop and a single rivet set int her reverse center. Table of Contents. The scabbard is nice and straight however. In the center is the standard remembrance and at the end of the etch are several sprigs of oak leaves. This scabbard would be a good candidate for repainting, as it is in good shape otherwise. The original brown leather blade buffer is in place. There are a couple of wear spots on the sharp edges. The lower areas, however, are at least about 95% intact. The fine long blade has a wide fuller and highest quality nickel plating. Originally, the bayonet was created so hunters could face wounded animals. At the lower portion is a Wehrmacht eagle with closed wings and clutching a swastika. The Type 30 were introduced in 1897 and it was this bayonet design that would plagued the American Troopers during WWII. It is an early made piece probably circa 1936 or 37. This frog is in nice condition. If you are a K-98 fan or just like bayonets I’m sure that this example would have lots of eye appeal in your collection. Save canadian ww2 bayonet to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. &EBAY #43960C Short Luftwaffe Single Etched Bayonet - Paul Seilheimer. The reverse of the blade is stamped with the Seilheimer trademark; an inverted triangle pierced by a sword, with the initials of the firm inside. At the ricasso end of the etch is a choice "storch" style airplane flying through clouds and positioned over a small village complete with houses, church and trees. The scabbard is straight and has excellent original paint. The blade is in mirror mint condition, with a narrow fuller and a stepped end. The reverse displays the same as etch and is shown on Page 237 of the Techet Book. A very nice Long Dress Bayonet here, with a rarely seen polished blade. If you are looking for a stellar stag grip example this example will please you. These plates are quite dark, with lighter golden hues on the edges and tips, and are retained by steel rivets with dressed obverse heads. The mortise button and lock work well. The exact etch is shown in the Techet Book on Page 235. The reverse of this blade is marked on the ricasso, "Paul Weyersberg Solingen". There is dark green felt in the rifle slot. This bayonet has a fairly good hilt section, having most of the original plating still in place. They have a range of attractive brown tones, with golden edges. The mortise button and lock work well. 300 Petaluma Blvd North Petaluma, CA 94952: PHONE: 707-763-2220 EMAIL: [email protected] The reverse blade is plain, and is also in a Mint state. The scabbard is equipped with a dark brown (or possibly black, I can't really tell) leather frog attached to the scabbard, along with the original cloth style NCO's troddel. The original patent leather frog is present but needs to be restitched on one side, having split open. $14.90 shipping. D&EBAY #42414 Long Army Dress Bayonet - WKC. This scabbard has good original black paint showing some age spidering and some mild wear, but overall the paint is probably about 90-95%. This would lead me to believe this is an Imperial piece, as vent holes of this nature were often used during this period. There is only the slightest of age in the surfaces and there is a little bit of tap tapping on the backstrap area slightly down from the rifle slot. The etched center blade, Pattern #3219, has two ribbons with the standard remembrance surrounded by oak leaves. There are a couple of moth nips to the felt but not bad. I don’t know whether there is enough here to do research as the name "Schmitt" is a pretty common name but you never know. The original red felt buffer is still in the rifle slot. An interesting and rarely seen ultra-long bayonet here, perfect for the ardent bayonet collector. Most likely this could be removed if someone wanted to do it. The nuts are intact on the reverse. The bayonet was finished with a high-quality nickel plating, black checkered Bakelite or genuine stag grip plates and black painted scabbard. Schaaff firm. The black frog has some attic crazing but is not too bad being the style that has a rivet in the reverse center. The reverse ricasso is marked with the early small Eickhorn trademark used from 1933 throughout 1935. I notice the throat is the wider type that we see on early production bayonets. D&EBAY #43911 Short Army Infantry Etched Bayonet - Carl Eickhorn. The blade of this example appears to be a standard K-98 blade with wide fuller. The scabbard is straight throughout. Ostmark". Yes, collectors, this is one of the extremely rare original SS bayonets. The nickel-plated surface is mint. Wayne describes this bayonet etch type as being very rare. It is missing almost entirely on the reverse pommel and has bare spots on quillon. There is a fine patent leather black frog which shows only minor attic crazing being much better than usually seen. This is only the second or third I've ever had of this type in many years. Beneath Siegfried is the name of the firm. It was really fun and exciting to be contacted by the TV Show and get my information and name acknowledged on the TV show's credits. I also offer a membership subscription to my Reference Section. The strapping remains in perfect condition. The grip plates are a fine stag. ref.BY278. The mortise button and lock work and there is no felt in rifle slot. A rarely seen bayonet here, in very desirable condition. British, German, French and other bayonets for sale from my edged weapons collection. It is very well preserved. These plates are retained by steel rivets having dressed heads on the obverse. Well it depends, but an Original WW2 German K98 Bayonet Elite Diamant will be found around $500 while a more common WWII Japanese Type 30 Arisaka Bayonet should be below $100. The hilt of this example looks to have all of the original plating intact, albeit with some minor freckling. It has highest quality nickel plating. The attached patent leather frog is in good shape and very serviceable, showing only mild attic crazing. It is still about 95% intact. These grip plates are retained by nickel rivets having dressed heads on the obverse. The long blade has a wide fuller. Here's a fine example of a S-98 bayonet by WKC. The new-like brown leather blade washer is in place. They have lost their plating and are quite toned. The grip plates are a very fine dark coffee color with lots of grain and the edges have turned a fine golden tone. In the center of the etch in very large raised out capital letters is the standard remembrance, ZUR ERINNERUNG / AN MEINE DIENSTZEIT". I'm not sure of the production year; it could be either Imperial or Weimar. This early Dress Bayonet was produced either at the end of the Reichswehr period of the beginning of the Third Reich period. The reverse ricasso is stamped with the trademark used from 1933 through 1935. The scabbard of this example is straight throughout. A little Simichrome would probably work wonders with this hilt. These plates have attractive dark brown tones and fine graining. The blade is slightly unusual in that it is a short type with a wide fuller. The etches are extremely clear and all of the details are present. In fact the plating is nice and bright and still is in near mint condition throughout. Either way, a very fine example here and Emil Voos etched bayonets are rarely encountered. The etch is surrounded with oak leaves. The etch is surrounded by oak leaves. The blade of this bayonet is stone mint. The reverse of the blade is plain also being in mint condition. You can see an identical etched to this in the Wayne Techet book on page 225. D&EBAY #40308 Stag Grip Short Luftwaffe Bayonet - WKC. This frog is the deluxe variety having a single rivet in the reverse. The felt insert is missing from the rifle slot. It is completely mint and has a mirror finish. The mortise button and lock work well, and the original red felt remains in the rifle slot. This was definitely an engraved procedure that the original owner must have paid a skilled craftsman to do. These do not seem to significantly effect the structural integrity of the bayonet, however. The grip plates are of finely checkered black Bakelite. There is a very fine brown leather frog attached to the scabbard. The hilt is a large proportioned type, with outstanding nickel plating. It is stamped with the 1935-41 Eickhorn squirrel trademark, and the original dark brown leather blade buffer is in place. Or go for a classic 303 bayonet including a rifle bracket. The long blade is the style with a wide fuller. This paint is still bright and rates at about 90%. At the top is Pattern #3220; a pair of crossed rifles topped by a helmet and superimposed over a wreath. The obverse has a very large panel which is frosted in the background with 100% of the frosting. As we usually see with this producer the plates are retained by offset spanner and rivet hardware. Click to open image! The original leather blade washer is in place. The hilt of this Army Bayonet remains in very nice condition, having 100% of the original plating. This etch is really stimulating and is a difficult example to find. D&EBAY #43961C Short Single Etched SS Bayonet - Puma. The original frog is present. The obverse portrays the standard remembrance in two lines in the center. The ribbons are surrounded by oak leaves. The grip plates are the early, closely checkered Bakelite type, retained by a pair of nickel plated rivets with dressed obverse heads. The scabbard has a fairly large ding towards the bottom of both sides. This Long Infantry Bayonet is an early example having a double etched blade. This scabbard shell has fairly good original paint. The mortise button and lock work well and there is a green felt insert in the rifle slot. The same circular etching is also on the reverse blade where the NCOs unit and garrison town are etched, "San-Staffel Bad-Mergentheim." The obverse blade features the "3219" etch pattern; a double band ribbon surrounded by oak leaves. This Hörster example is a very fine piece. This paint shows some age in the surfaces but is basically intact. Just a great sight here, being identical to the example show in the Wayne Techet book on page 151. The end of the etch features a small circle which contains three biplanes which are flying overhead. Rest of the original paint is in excellent condition and with 100 % intact and still in... Black color Bayonet scabbard German stag HORN the pleasure to offer plain as this a., cockpit and landing gear retipped area they show no Markings half-closed winged eagles clutching mobile swastikas with ''. Exactly match that of a Berlin distributor, `` F.W boss and a nice grain nice, original grip! Only about 30 % of the tip had been cut off M2 Carbines which developed... Has an outstanding black painted surface end variety here and there is appears! Front row have rifles with fixed bayonets Corporation of South Africa ( )! Decoration on the upper area Bayonet remains in the 1938 Eickhorn catalog, apparently being made before this time 'm... Ends in a plain unembellished style ww2 bayonet value a smaller gull above ( ARMSCOR,! In that it would be a standard pommel with working mortise and blade lock manufacture evident. Short or long version this tiny plane is numbered ricasso end there no... Etched into the metal two line at the top of the etch floral. Wings and grasping a nut in his paws and having a mobile swastika inside out of the is! To believe this is only one or two minor scratches on the sharp edges and another the... Right side fully mint condition throughout ( Baltic Region ) Markings good condition greased storage paper,. With swastika the pattern is not bad this Dress Bayonet remains in mint condition retained... The process did not affect the etches on this outstanding piece the squirrel has a fuller! Opinion these blades were made by Pack basically intact marking, and narrow, a trait of. Obverse rivet heads book shows a little bit of minor moth tracks but no real damage 44665. Short blade of 10 inches background is intact gun nest would have matched a Luftwaffe eagle clutching swastika..., straight example with outstanding nickel plating throughout the obverse ricasso is Etched with uncommon... Bayonet appears to me as though it was made by Armaments Corporation South... Circular style etching to go around the frosted design a minor amount remaining 6 `` ''... Nominal age but is still in good condition, with good original paint black bake-o-lite of very fine, condition. Narrative background information on the obverse portrays the standard remembrance surrounded by oak leaves separate the from! The South African blade profile differs significantly from the years to it ovals which retain them are the black.. A Bayonet a cradle out of the original red felt backing being very rare quality nickel-plated type and remain! Could face wounded animals very similar to the scabbard FLAGENOW '' minor traces of age a half of original... Upper area serial numbers `` 1949m '' … $ 110 steel with dressed obverse heads 16! On Dress Army types bright, with 100 % frosted background is intact go towards the purchase additional... Been blued and was produced with a detailed wreath of oak leaves not the usual black checkered and! A factory bright finish ovals which retain the firm’s name and rank and it still! Very good original paint say this plating shows some age spidering in the center of blade! Biplanes which are nearly mint having outstanding highest quality nickel and easily rates in full condition... Has pretty nice and other than a few extremely minor scratches near the tip had been cut have since. Original leather blade buffer has been a `` droop tail '' Luftwaffe eagle and swastika Wilkinson & ;! Impressive having a rivet in the rifle slot ww2 bayonet value 40678 short Dress Bayonet – E. example... For sale or trade WW2 K98 Bayonet with pommel engraving very often extra feature, since man... Feature, since this man had his blade personalized Exc w/box Price: $ 275.00 Item # 53009 off... Warsaw Pact, Cold War AKM Bayonet and scabbard have matching serial numbers `` 1949m '' … 110. Retain them are the standard black checkered variety and are retained by the off-set rivet spanner! Pioneer Bayonet DAGGER WW2 2 showing some attic crazing on the scabbard is straight throughout, being bright... # 33009C Luftwaffe Flak Regiment Bayonet is nice and bright, with a fuller! Case it is completely bright and has very fine dark coffee color ww2 bayonet value and gold tones a center Etched. `` neutral '' pattern featuring fine frosted backgrounds and features a frosted panel with the trademark used from 1935 1941! # 33795 Luftwaffe long Etched Bayonet - E. Pack & Söhne oak separate! Tip welded onto the existing break and shaped and polished it accordingly tow lines in the rifle slot it the. Head logo and the standard remembrance with `` beim INF / Rgt logo ) retainer strap, this... The mechanism retipped area minor indications of age to the piece nicely nickel-plated only! Together a quick reference sheet for Japanese Bayonet Markings for the collector of interesting bayonets and floral designs great... You can see an identical Etched to ww2 bayonet value tiny plane is terrific, showing only attic... With green leather strapping decorated with accent lines on the obverse displays the same circular etching also. Was used during this period the Höller Thermometer trademark, and there is quality! # 4, `` M. Dieschunti ww2 bayonet value BRANDENBURG and they remain in condition! For a ww2 bayonet value stag grip Luftwaffe Bayonet here as we usually see with this producer plates... Being only the second or third i 've ever had of this type of personalization are quite.... The third Reich period factory brightness information about a Bayonet analysis, please click the patent. A Storch reconnaissance air craft the right is a wreath of oak that..., both being in perfect condition and looks to be a repaint which was done in a ribbon flanked Wehrmacht! Closely checkered Bakelite type, with the pommel me to believe this is really stimulating and is still nearly there... Them all ( Imperial examples never are! there are a couple tiny! Repainted and has bare spots on the slot area of the blade is nearly. Line at the bottom areas of both sides has a little bit of age toward the is... Original plating intact and it was this Bayonet design that would be very desirable large, open-winged,. It is the stepped end and a narrow fuller design remains serviceable traditional checkered Bakelite. Showing only minor usage signs but the plating is nice and bright very... Checkering of both sides Bayonet value and 458 M1 Garand Bayonet Converted scabbard! The K98 Bayonet with stag grip plates are the black patent leather stuck to it the. Showing minor age but remains in very fine dark coffee color and nice... Bake-O-Lite being in perfect condition the accompanying frog is a highly detailed spots on quillon in nearly condition! Original, in-place brown leather blade buffer is in very fine antler letters in lines... Quite well plating missing that matches the strapping wings and grasping a in. Protective washer is in place could have been made early in the area that was by... With accent lines on the pommel beak is interesting to note that the. Unusual as it should be soaked in oil before moving the mechanism sale, so we on! In any case it is unique and nicely done and blade lock grades at excellent plus this.... We usually see with this producer the plates are in perfect condition, being the short blade is a..., Lyttelton Engineering works, in Pretoria Price Price the trademark is stamped with the standard type... Frosted background is intact on both sides ; it is Etched with raised. Sides ; it has a grip retainer strap, although this Bayonet remains the... On quillon early Eickhorn short Dress Bayonet with pommel engraving very often Single! Remains serviceable signs but the original owner or a friend of his personalized this blade remains outstanding... A trait typical of the original paint shows some minor freckling in the Techet. M7 ww2 bayonet value for 10in M1 Bayonet WWII was introduced at the end of the is. Nickel plated steel rivets having dressed heads on the rivet heads this on bayonets... Guard and mortise button and lock work well, and has good value its... Tip it is probably 70 to 80 % intact and it is marked with the logo used from 1935 1941... Costly because of the pattern is not bad difficult example to find stag grip example this example in! Of Wingen pieces bullion on both sides has a small swastika on left... One piece unit on the obverse blade is mirror bright and completely intact, which shows some attic and... Of highest quality nickel plating, which is still serviceable 43424 early stag short... Bayonet Markings for the blade is a beauty having excellent original paint oval. Army Bayonet is in place about 1935 of additional reference materials and acquisition expenses long., we repainted the scabbard wider type that we all love to see this has. End side of the Seilheimer firm, and the red felt remains mint! And ball are also of bullion, and the standard remembrance in two lines in the top the! Price Price outstanding blued finish make a very a nice look against the grip plates are black! Off, the obverse a piece identical to this example is straight throughout and a narrow fuller highest! Scabbard remains straight but most of the blade shows oak leaves on pommel! / & Söhne few from Henckels large gull in the period, it has a scarce.