Strategies for Human Resources

Patra Frame - Strategies for Human ResourcesStrategies for Human Resources can assist you in designing and implementing clear, simple solutions to your people problems without administrivia. We provide the guidance and expertise you need to significantly improve your organization’s performance and to reduce legal risks, in a very cost-effective manner. SHR delights in helping small to mid-size organizations increase their potential for greater success.

Extensive research indicates that effective human resource management policies and practices are directly related to organizational and financial success.

Effective human resource management directly influences your ability to meet your goals. It can assist you in creating an environment that supports productivity, reduces turnover, is responsive, and minimizes legal risks. Let us show you how others have met these challenges. Your organization can achieve more through some simple practices and development!

Strategies for Human Resources ( provides:

  • Experienced advisor on people issues, as needed
  • Organizational assessment and effective solutions to help your organization thrive
  • Human resource management practices aligned with your strategy and culture
  • Leadership and management development support
  • Board development and strategic planning
  • Interim executive

Contact us for more information on how we can help your organization increase its success.

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