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Write-able Resolutions for the New Year

Getting more exercise, keeping track of finances better—January is a great time to start a new leaf. For the past several years, I have suggested to colleagues and clients that they also use the new year to institute a few, small changes to their writing routines. Small changes, big results. Nothing too onerous, some even […]

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Content Curation: Make It Work for You

One of the challenging things in maintaining a blog, distributing a newsletter, or even sending a “how are you doing?” email to a customer is figuring out what to write about. But surprise! You don’t have to create everything from scratch. Instead, rely on content curation. Have you heard the term? Content curation is “the art of […]

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Editorial Calendars for All

You launched a blog, a newsletter, or Twitter account. You had some great topic ideas, and you wrote with great gusto for a week. Then…nothing. Work got busy. Sitting down to come up with an idea and writing about it was too daunting. You abandoned it, even though you know it would be a great […]