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Is This The Future of Advertisement?

Maybe you noticed it but you probably didn’t.  It’s that post on your Facebook feed that is an ad, but its made to look like just another post from a friend.  In this day and age where we expect our newspapers, leaders, doctors, and teachers and to provide full disclosure of financial arrangements and other […]

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As so often happens, initial diagnosis are frequently wrong. When “” launched and the early reports stated that no one could register, things did not work, and pages did not load, the initial diagnosis was that the site was being overwhelmed by users. This seemed unlikely to me. Having been in the industry for over […]

small business technology / IT (hardware & software)

Apple Officially Released the iOS 7 on September 18, and It’s a Brand New-Looking OS.

If you are a big fan of music, you must check out the iTunes Radio! Yes, free iTunes Radio is now available on iOS 7. Of course you can enjoy many different stations such as pop, jazz, rock, etc and you can build your own stations too. Love to share photos, contacts, location? No problem, […]