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Attracting Working Moms to Jobs in Small Business

“The Ladders” recently released a survey showing that working mothers care more about flexible work hours than any other benefit an employer can offer.  Businesses, and especially small businesses who can fashion a way to build their employees’ schedules with flexible work hours can go a long way to attracting this very underused segment of the American working population.

Not much attention has been paid to this population lately due to the recession, I would venture, but with the local Alexandria unemployment rate significantly lower that many other communities right now, it would make sense for a small business owner who may be having issues finding the kind of skilled, committed labor force that is needed for success to look to this group. Many working moms have disengaged from corporate America, either as a result of the recession or because they have volunteered to leave, sometimes finding corporate policies on flextime too restrictive. It would make sense that with reasonable accommodations from an employer as to flexible work hours and/or working from home options, this segment of the local labor market could be very useful to the Alexandria Small Business Owner.


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