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Apple Officially Released the iOS 7 on September 18, and It’s a Brand New-Looking OS.

iOS logo
iOS logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are a big fan of music, you must check out the iTunes Radio! Yes, free iTunes Radio is now available on iOS 7. Of course you can enjoy many different stations such as pop, jazz, rock, etc and you can build your own stations too.

Love to share photos, contacts, location? No problem, AirDrop is here to help, just choose what you want to share and tag who you want to share it with. But remember to make yourself discoverable,

iOS 7 makes control so much easier, no need to unlock your phone, just slide up to open your control center, and you can see your music player, camera, wifi, flashlight, etc,. slide down, you can see weather, calendar and stocks.

iOS 7 is an amazing upgrade well worth the upgrade.

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