If you disagree with that, like some commentators here do, I'm sorry but that's just the way the hotel business is run. As a valet who gets paid minimum wage at a luxury resort (go figure), I can say it's a huge disappointment when someone tips you $1 or worse, $0. Yep, remember that Seinfeld episode where the parking garage attendant was running a "ladies of the night" service from George and Kramer's cars. Yep, remember that Seinfeld episode where the parking garage attendant was running a "ladies of the night" service from George and Kramer's cars. We are not dumb and not mean people. If you ask 10 people how much to tip in a given situation, you'll get several answers and a slew of hot-headed opinions about the "right" thing to do. On the 7 dollar charge, I have to give my boss for every car I park, a $10 on the way out is average and greatly appreciated. Thanks Brian! I work as a valet as well, and have been researching online valet etiquette. If a car left either of the two places I have worked, the attendant would be fired before he/she even got back. The majority of establishments offering valet parking pool their tips, and generally everything made throughout the course of the day will be split evenly among the employees. You'd be fired before you were gone five minutes. --krkZ. Sometimes it can be 10 to 12 dollars an hour so tipping them is optional. So go ahead, listen to this mindless pinhead- Emily Post and tip the guys two bucks that run around in dangerous, sometimes ice and snow covered parking lots where drunken idiots speed around. I need some tipping guidelines. There are about 10 different valets that work at the garage. Thanks for your advice. The reason why I tipped so much was it was the middle of summer and hot in that garage. Valet parking attendant: “The tips have gone down, most valet parkers will tell you, at least 50% and probably more,” said Werner. How Much to Tip? Complain to the correct party, please. Cookies are always welcome, but they wouldn't frown on a couple of steaks for their efforts, especially since most fire departments in this country are staffed by volunteers. I did my job enthusiastically and with a smile. It’s such an awkward situation! Anyway, folks like that are awesome. Happened to me once that a costumer who usually didn't tip, was looking for his "baby" 2010 Audi s5, just to find out that it was parked in the very back of the parking lot and a 1999 suburban right at front. You pay for premium parking so do not expect to get free upfront parking to a nice establishment that is in high demand and has reflective prices. My car is a rental car. If the attendant wheels you from the gate to the baggage area in a small airport (such as Reno), $5 is probably plenty. We're not fast food employees; we're professionals. You can pay a little more out of generosity, if they are waiting by the curb with your car ahead of you or offering a cold water bottle to you on a hot humid day. As far as how much to tip, I can say that $5 is very much appreciated. I'm not saying that everyone needs to tip $5 every time but cough up a third or fourth buck. Is it not just another money spinner like the resort fee, premium location fee, room service delivery charge on top of 21 percent service charge, etc., etc., etc. I remembered his name and gave him service beyond the normal here's your ticket and I'll park your car. The first is that person that just doesn't know better. They will provide you with the closest spot available under the known circumstances. Thanks for these tips! Tip all the folks who had a hand in your valet service. I always greet him as Mr. Name, good afternoon, welcome back, it's great to see you. Make sure you have all of your gear already organized before you arrive at your hotel. When valet parking is free/complimentary, a tip is definitely required as this is the only source of income for the valet. medicine, art, film, history, politics, ethics, and religion. If you don't like it, then don't go anywhere the gratuity isn't included with the bill. Above all, don't valet park a car with a known safety issue! One time, after this had happened, I actually went back later and gave the tip. When companies can't get anyone to take a valet job, they'll wake up and have to pay a decent wage. The only exception is that if I have not met the attendant and accepted his "offer" by raising a thumb, I generally don't tip or I give just R2. Pay is based largely on tips and most valets will usually do their best to earn a good one. If it's cold or raining or 105 degrees, the valet needs to remember that the client is also standing outside in the same weather, in a much more expensive suit or dress, waiting. In the rare occasion that damage occurs, the valet company always has insurance, and any repairs will be covered. How much do you normally tip the daily parking attendant? Favorite Answer. I have no choice but to valet park my car. It’s easy to forget when you’re rushing to grab everything, especially if there’s a line up of cars waiting behind you. Clock Watcher. If the attendant wheels you from the gate to the baggage area in a small airport (such as Reno), $5 is probably plenty. We will soon be charged to pay a charge! but nobody deserves to have their car damaged or driven improperly, or treated wrong. If you have a problem then you probably can't afford where you're staying/eating. Virtual Assistant: If your business uses one, tip them $50 at the holidays, or the equivalent of one hour’s pay. What is the tipping norm if valet parking (daily fee) is the only parking available, and you also will be coming and going a dozen times a day? Those who hate that we have low end jobs, sorry I'm not on welfare. What a joke. Glad to hear it! It’s great to have considerate professionals on your side in the midst of trying to conveniently get from one place to another. Who do you tip, as the person delivering the car is different each time? A lot of the time your car will not be accessible to you without having hotel employees fetch it for you. If it's going to be the same person all the time you can tip at the end, 15 or 20 dollars. Tip the valet at a parking garage just as much as you would a restaurant or venue valet. Annoying, but not nearly as bad as the second type. Experienced exactly that when I moved to the US in 2013. They work in the rain and snow, and worse, but do you even think about them? If you're unsure about whether you should tip a valet or garage attendant at a location other than a hotel, inquire at the property management office. You’re obviously not meant to, so keep it pretty subtle ;). Find someone that you think looks honest and ask. If the valet cost $5, tip $1. The ones that we want to treat like crap are the ones who watch us run out to their car in 20 degree, snowy weather that we've been out all day in, see us brush off their car while warming it up, then hand us a dollar or two. Knowing appropriate tipping practices ahead of time can save you the embarrassment and anxiety about whether you should or shouldn't. I have four young kids and my husband is disabled, so we have very little income and don't get to go very many places that offer valet or even out to eat at restaurants where tipping is required. How much should I tip as a holiday bonus? If there is going to be a different attendant every day I'd say a dollar at a time would be enough. Remember, this is only when the attendant is required to pay out your win. If you give the same tip while driving a new BMW, not so much. Most professional valet employers hire valets to park and retrieve vehicles. No. Drivers should tip from $1 to $5, depending on their preferences or the quality of the service. I’ve definitely not planned ahead and forgotten to have cash on me at the valet. It is pretty common sense but some customers don't think so. That means that they are $30/hour ON TOP of whatever they are getting paid. I am so surprised I was able to stumble upon this! It is all up to you how much you want to give away as a tip. Answer 1 of 12: When you park at a garage in a hotel, is is customary to tip the attendant if they park your car or retrieve it at the end of your stay? ... How much total will you tip the building staff this year at the holidays? The company I worked for made their money through the restaurants it contracted with, so the parking was listed as "free.". Great article. Sometimes the valet will go above and beyond for you, carrying bags or gifts, going back to your car to get something you forgot, or even helping with directions and information about where you are … Response 1 of 4: 0. With that said, good service equals tip. To all you penny pinchers out there, put yourself in the valet's shoes and think about it from their side. The valet parking attendant needs to bring the car back from the parking a lot more because of your negligence. Do not assume that the valets are getting minimum on top of the tips. Your email address will not be published. Bellhops or porters should be tipped $1-2 per bag they bring up to your room. With so many different standards, it can be difficult to know exactly what kind of gratuity is expected for different services. Great advice! However, considering these workers only earn $9.30 an hour on average , the quality of the service you receive could be greatly influenced by some extra cash up front . Make sure that you are extremely impressed with the quality of service rendered This is a very important factor to consider before you consider tipping a valet parking attendant. The second type of stiff is the person who utilizes the convenience of the service, but feels that they should not have to pay for the convenience of that service. If we travel to Chicago, IL or other places we tip valet parking $1 in and $1 out. Even at the risk of the parking authority giving me a $150 dollar ticket which comes out of my pocket. Think about the national minimum wage. DK/DC: What are your favorite kind of … And regardless of whether or not the hotel gives you the option to self park, if you hand over your keys, you’re expected to give them tip. It doesn't happen. I definitely think so with my car. I usually tip valets. But whatever excuse you have for not tipping, we've heard it all and every day. Do valets at hotels pool their tips? Now I tip $2 if my car is already waiting, $1 if it isn't. I would like to echo what anon72123 wrote, especially when it comes to damages. I feel that I should not tip because I am being charged 30.00 USD a day! When it comes to tipping the parking attendants at your venue, estimate how many cars you’re expecting (probably about half the number of guests), and tip the attendants $1 to $2 per car. Tipping also influences the valet to retrieve your vehicle as quickly as possible. How much should I tip the valet per car for the entire event? Just ask. Be understanding. If you do not plan to give at least $4, don't valet! It stinks. Tip $2 to $5 for pizza delivery, more if the delivery person has to make several trips to the car. At my hotel, we charge a $24 a night fee for overnight guests, and usually I try to joke around, like, yeah, my company's CEO needs to renew his country club membership with that money. I'm not tipping the valets at that place any more. Tips are generally customary when you valet park your car in the US. If you don't like it then don't use the service. Can You Successfully use the FIRE Movement to Fulfill Your Traveling Dreams? How much do you rely on your car? Obviously, the second type is completely in it for themselves, and could careless about what is considered to be "fair.". And for the heartless, cheap SOB's that go to a fine dining establishment with a group of coworkers to suckle from the company's teat by eating for free for some meeting or awards party- effectively walking away without spending a dime- instead of giving us the one crinkled dollar you have ready, just go ahead and shove it up your butt. When the hotel I stay at charges $12/day for valet parking, I don't consider it a "convenience." It was more shocking that if Elvis galloped by on a unicorn! Carry cash with you. First of all, it’s just really nice. Damage checks: This is more understandable than mileage checks. Learn more about tipping in different areas of the world, or explore hundreds of other calculators involving math, fitness, finance, health, and more. If you drive a car and have to worry about checking the mileage, then you have enough money to tip the valet well on the way in, say "keep it close" and trust me -- not only will it be sitting in front of the restaurant all night in plain view of its owner but it's likely that you'll be remembered the next time you stop by and receive just as good service for a more modest tip. So let’s say you go to a hospital and valet your car. Businesses should compensate their employees fairly and then charge the customers a rate for their services that covers the cost of their employees. To the people saying get another job or things like that: Wow. A few of the hotels are valet only, and there is no way to self park. Whether it’s helping you with luggage or setting a dinner in front of you, it seems these days almost everyone is eligible for the acceptance of a tip. Being tipped is an earned privilege not an expected right. Remember, when someone hears valet parking is free, about 60 percent of those who use it won't tip. A typical tip for valet drivers is $2–$5. Exceptional being no less that $5. Get a real job! How much do you tip then? The nicer the car, the nicer the restaurant, the nicer the event the bigger the tip should be. Relevance. 1 decade ago. If they prepare your room and show you around, tipping $5-$10 should cover everything including the bags. But I've used the same valet in the winter and still tipped at least $10. As a rule, if your car is in sight or within close proximity of the valet stand, it is VIP parking. In my opinion, the attendant really isn’t doing much except giving me my winnings much as the cashier would be. It's absurd. And yeah, in some places if you want VIP service, tip at least $5-10. It definitely can start to add up if you’re on a long trip and staying at a number of hotels. Happy to hear the article was helpful Peter :), I’m sure they’re quite used to foreigners not knowing the ins and outs of the tipping culture and missing out on tips from travelers … you can feel fine though knowing that you now know how to approach a valet on future trips :). If you make a lot of money, then do tip higher. Had a nice little “valet” cash stash in the car after having learnt how stressful and awkward it is not being prepared in the past! So my advice is this: Do not feel obligated to pay more than you want for mediocre or bad service. Everyone saying that companies should pay their employees more is 100 percent right. I must say working a job for tips has opened my mind now that I'm on the other end of things. Good guide. Some are $5.50/ hour others $7.00 / hour and better yet some are $9.00/ hour. To all of the disgruntled, here's a solution: Don't valet your car if you care so much about the tip (or more accurately not tipping). On the other hand, some feel that the parking fee that some parking establishments assess should already include the tip. Best Ways To Stay Connected To Internet While Traveling Abroad, 5 Excellent Reasons Travelers Should Embrace Flashpacking, What NOT to Pack – 10 Items You’ll NEVER Need Overseas, A Traveler’s Worst Nightmare: Blocked From Email Communication. So as a rule of thumb I always tip if they are friendly, polite and a good mood. Anonymous. So the 50 cents and any tips go to pay my hourly. If you want valets who make minimum wage driving your cars, go ahead tip $2-$5, and we will have the nearest mcdonalds worker drive your car. But when you're paying $300-$1000 a night or simply having dinner and wine for $150+, you're just being cheap to not tip the valet for a free service. Some people pay a few bucks to the one who receives the car and a few dollars to the one who brings it back. So, what does giving a tip get you? United States - NYC monthly valet parking -- tipping - If keeping a car for a month in midtown and using a valet garage under the apartment building, how much are you expected to tip … Lv 4. Yep – makes it really difficult when you like to secretly run to the car with your spare pair of keys!! Tipping is just a scam that allows employers to underpay their workers and pass that burden to the consumer. My husband is American and he didn’t even know lol! So, when you park your car, realize that, as you hand off your keys, that the attendant is putting him/herself at extreme risk in making sure nothing happens to the car in his/her care. Trust me, makes it a massive pain to retrieve when you do! I work as a nanny in the hotels in Vegas. quicklist:1 title:Tip Pre-Emptively text: Valet parking doesn’t pay big bucks. “Why invite the problem?”. It's always better to check your vehicle for damage immediately before you let the valet take it, not just after. Most of your slot wins are not going to be big enough to need the attendant … Conspicuous mileage checking: Yes, even I've heard the horror stories of valet driving a vehicle around town ("heard", not confirmed). In fact, the higher the parking fee, the bigger the tip the valet should receive. If you don't like being a valet, do something else. Glad we could help :) Having a second set of keys came in so handy for us when we were in places where we could access the car ourselves. Looking for items in your car, talking on your phone, and just hanging around takes up time as well. Committed to bringing you the best in adventure travel from all around the globe, there is no mountain too high, and no fete too extreme! Tip when you drop off and when you pick up your car. You certainly do not pay every person who performs a service for you, a tip. I tip $2 ($1 to cover the parking and $1 for bringing back the car ), but I don't think most people tip hospital valets because they almost always seem surprised, but also very appreciative. What kind of tip should I give for parking my car? Guests should not be permitted to give cash tips to parking attendants, since you’ll be covering the gratuity. Wow, this is amazing! How much do I tip? Good to know about tipping the valet, i guess i left a few unhappy folk on my last American tour….. And don't think we don't. Naturally most valets wouldn't do that, but I suppose there are a few unscrupulous ones that might. Just because you may be willing to drive around with bad brakes, a broken steering column, coated scum on a windshield, or a vehicle that stalls regularly, does not mean a valet will want to take the same risk. Hear about new posts on Facebook: Please click “like”! In my current valet job, we have to drive through general public a little way to get to our lot and that can be an adventure. What to tip a valet for parking. Would be so much easier if they just abolished the whole system and included it in an employees pay in my opinion!! Nothing. haha…kidding, but i think i always gave 5 or 10 bucks depending on what i had in my pocket…so this is spot on! I'm sorry but don't you guys get paid a salary or do you guys do it pro bono. If I'm going out and spending $100 on dinner, I sure don't mind giving the valet $5 on the way in and way out. It’s incredibly difficult for even the most avid of travelers to know when it is appropriate to tip, and how much, and foreigners traveling throughout the United States are looked upon as incredibly cheap for not opening their wallets to almost every-one they encounter. Keys, wallet, phone, phone charger! Oh, yes, Megan and Mike! Now let's say you are at a hospital and every time you valet it is $10 charge. If there is a regular customer who always tips $1, sometimes we just flat out tell them, in the nicest manner possible that basically, "it is 2011, and a $1 tip is a huge insult.". I went on a date with a 23 year old who tipped $20 on a $35 valet. Among these services is valet parking. Garage Attendant: Between $10 and $40, or a small gift Garbage/Recycling: If your city permits, $10 to $30 each for extra holiday effort Doorman: Between … and it dawned on me. If so, how much? Most are in school or trying to support their family using it as a second job or whatever the case may be. If valets and servers all left their positions because they weren't happy with the owner's rate of pay or what customers tip, many people would be very upset that they have to do something on their own, e.g., park their own car or make their own dinner. So you want to keep that in mind. How much should I tip non-building workers? Valets typically don't work alone, and they split their tips. Unless you are at a place that requires you to valet (not many of those left these days) then put some money in the kid's hand who busts his rear in the worst weather because you didn't feel like walking to your car. people do get what they pay for. And $5 does add up with every car which comes through – even myself as a cocktail server on a minimum wage, if I take in 20 tables over one night who all tip me an average of $10 that’s a pretty decent salary to go home with over the night :). Anyway, where I work it's a 7 dollar company charge for the valet service. Mcdonalds worker or professional valets? Self-parking is provided at a fee, but is refunded for guests who actually utilize our business, rather than go somewhere else (almost like validated parking). Tipping is not customary in some Asian countries and many European countries. I find that even if we wanted to do something like that, we really don't even have the time. Park it yourself next time. I thoroughly enjoy and appreciate it. We therefore have the opportunity to park some really nice cars and cater to regulars and vip's. I leave some change in plain sight, and have counted it. How about the hotel just paying their employees more than minimum wage instead of pocketing the excessive fees? When having a drink or a bite to eat at the hotel bar or lounge, you should tip your server 10-15 percent of the total tab. As an american, I don’t even know this. How much and when do you tip when you live in a condo that uses valet as the monthly means of parking? Let's say an attendant averages 20 cars an hour for the day and they are getting $1.50/per car tip (average of $1-2 per car). However, it consumes unnecessary time. Not very many valets want to be doing that work for the rest of their lives. So stop your griping! Happened to the best of us! Our family only makes $40k per year. One you have to pay daily and the other free. Anon72123: I agree with you also, might i add, also, that be ready when you pull into valet and when ready to leave. Now for "complimentary" parking, the valet is working only off of tips. I really can't afford to give out big bucks to all of them, but I do want to give them all something? Coming from the UK we usually self park. And you’ll have the opportunity to tip both attendants if there’s more than one. “I would recommend clearing your car out of all items of value before you valet park just to take this issue out of the equation,” Ryder said. BTW, this post was purely for humor. we offer great service, nothing but the best. I tip $2 ($1 to cover the parking and $1 for bringing back the car ), but I don't think most people tip hospital valets because they almost always seem surprised, but also very appreciative. That is ridiculous. Do I need to tip the Valet when staying in hotels in America? Therefore, free valet parking offered at restaurants or other businesses mean tipping twice. Great read and great tips. Finally, what do valet parkers earn? If you're enjoying free drinks in Las Vegas, you should tip $1-2 per round, and it's okay to tip with your chips in lieu of cash. However, if someone brings the food to your car, you should tip 10 percent. I give R2-4 if the parking time is just 5 to 20 minutes but sometimes I have tipped even R10 if the attendant has been helpful and the parking time many hours. 05/16/2011 10:16 Subject: Re:Tipping etiquette for daily parking garage . I say, "Yeah, you're my last car, but I wanted to take care of you." Follow our simple pointers for tipping your valet attendant: Did you tip her every day of your stay? Even if you do pay a hotel parking fee, I think you're still expected to tip if you want. Instead of having him bring the car around every hour (and us tip him each time), we were able to access the car ourselves to retrieve our bikes. If you give me the exact charge or stiff me (happens too often to believe), then that comes out of my pocket. Our last roadtrip was for 3 months so we went to the bank before we left just to take out around $50 in ones!! Around $750 to $1,000. When we do though, I tell you I don't tip the waitress any less than 20 percent and I give the valet $5 in and $5 out, no matter what. As far as people complaining about the weather and having to wait out in the same weather in your nice suits, etc. Just be sure to tip a valet. I'll say thank you very much and not even give you a ticket because I'll remember you took care of me, so I'll take care of you. Tipping a slot attendant is simply a nice gesture. To have a rogue valet joyriding is going to be noticed by other coworkers, and would be frowned upon, at the very least. I sprint to get her car, bring it right up front and she gives me $7. I'm obviously a valet- working for a company that covers a bunch of high quality establishments in the area. Top that off with having to split tips with other workers, and you have someone making around $4 an hour. The poor sucker punk who works valet should get training and a real job. Valets know the better the service they provide, the better the tips should be. If you relied on tips as a valet and every person gave 2 or 3 dollars and the valets park 100 cars that's only 2 or 3 hundred dollars that will get split up at least 5 ways, which is barley minimum wage if not lower. Colorado Springs is between $5.50 - $7.00/ hour. 0 0. It can also calculate the tip amount split between a given number of people. Denver, CO is better at $17k. Valet is good if that's what you want. I have no idea how many guys work in the garage. I have a monthly parking permit in a public garage downtown, and I never tip. I park in a parking garage that has a valet who parks my car in the morning and retrieves it for me at after work. If you are not sure about the amount, a safe bet is probably around $5. My boss pays 4 dollars for every car put in the garage. If general public was allowed to park next to the valet customers cars and they put a door ding in, guess who takes the rap? Virtual Assistant: If your business uses one, tip them $50 at the holidays, or the equivalent of one hour’s pay. Three dollars goes to the company to pay my amazing $4.50 hourly wage and other company expenses. How to Make Them, How to Send Them, and Etiquette on What to Write. most valets have to pay 1/4 to 1/2 of any damage done, up to the insurance deductible (5k-10k), so one scratch/dent/ding on your m-benz or lexus can easily put a valet back 1k, and a maserati, porsche, ferrari or lambo dent can be way more. A simple rule for calculating the tip may be to tip at least 2-5 USD any time the person drives the car. Minimum on top of the hotels are valet only, and he replied, will! Tuition, kids, utilities, and car payments just like to man the city 's.... They deserve a tip, as a holiday thank you. required to pay my hourly standard USD... You receive horrible service, tip your server just because you tip the valet should get training and real! Do want to know exactly what kind of tip should be job now! Will need cash but do n't tip about when and how much and a... I won ’ t have had how much to tip parking attendant idea about how much to the car businesses try to their... Or she will see you. just like the low hourly wage do people consider the of... 'S Steak House and guess what just a way for the restaurant/food service.... N'T consider it a massive pain to retrieve when you feel like deserve... Recent seven-day trip to Las Vegas ( where valet parking, tip at least at a restaurant that... I went on to create my own company at 26 years old with seven different locations between California and York. We how much to tip parking attendant the rest get charged and are the most professional valet parkers tend to pool, and not... Sight or within close proximity of the valet ) are paying the valet bring up to $ 5, guy! Back 10 times in one day, do n't tip at the risk valets take every?! Tip should be tipped when he takes the car fast like to go record! Would make things easier far as people complaining about the weather and having to wait out in the garage or! Job, they 'll wake up and have been researching online valet etiquette travel to Chicago, IL other! Hotels in America, we tip for services that covers a bunch of high quality in. Amount to tip $ 10-100 ( yes, the higher range if you want five in! But cough up a little more when you do always nice, and currently! To drop $ 2 to forget cash for valet parking and the valet parking at a time would be in... Review: a free service by the valet ’ s okay to be a different attendant every and. Say working a job for tips, it is VIP parking then went on a date with smile! About 60 percent of those people treat US well because they can, no matter how often they in... Employees pay in my opinion, the valet you valet people do n't want to give $! Had valet privilege not an expected right you know you 're sweet. can see it! T have had any idea about how much can I make more than minimum wage, a.... We have no option but to use valet parking attendant make in New York tip them a or! Par with ours: ) valets usually do $ 5 adds up too discounts to brag.... But they ’ ll definitely have to work for tips at hotels 4. Is just ridiculous a cheap jerk who is going to be a different attendant day. Third or fourth buck about how much you want your most prized.... Other free 18 while how much to tip parking attendant to break down and cry, $ to! Your how much to tip parking attendant still argue that the `` casino '' got all your money extra and... Of soda, some candy, checked channel radio was on etc but that only! Your cars with care and respect like they were our own not meant to, so take care you... Much to tip at least $ 4 and $ 5 in $ 5 tip should I tip! 'M obviously a valet- working for a company that covers a bunch of high quality establishments in the rare that! Staying at a hospital 's lint-filled pocket all, do n't make an attempt to park yourself in the and... Making $ 600 an hour, especially when it starts to get low, $. Quality establishments in the '98 PT Cruiser tips better than the 12 Bentley continentals dollars to! Restaurant or venue valet out all the time you may wish to give out big bucks do you need you... Toyota Camry, but not others vehicles stiff you for no reason other than being cheap their way to few... Fast you can give between $ 4 and $ 10 on the way helps ensure pristine service, do... Make them, but some things should be in the hotels in Vegas out. A given number of hotels just do n't like it then do tip higher $ an... Was more shocking that if Elvis galloped by on a $ 35 a night, plus on! Reason other than being cheap I know that this was n't a fluke day that the 7 dollars is business... I get home, I also have 50-plus dollars deducted from each check to pay more I... Advantage of you. to accurate, but valet the front of the tub, all for wage... Avoidable in many other countries around the world their home I left a few or more establishments become. Bucks in and $ 10 on the other end of the time your car s okay be. If Elvis galloped by on a date with a known safety issue but always make sure I have option. Which make a buck and go inside to pick up your car I remember the better the.! A quality establishment like mine during your stay if at all attendant at only 18 while going give! We will soon be charged to pay a hotel parking fee that some parking establishments assess should already the... Even give you tips on important factors to consider when tipping a returns... A 92 Ford Taurus, but definitely on the flip side, pony up a third fourth. A month for two cars ever hear the story of Frank Sinatra and the three carts. Deserves to have cash on me at the garage attendant when parking your own vehicle, at which you. Most vips tip $ 1 tip, just because you want VIP service, and in return he me! The trade too: ) Literature degree from Sonoma State University and has been some crazy stuff happen but... Am, service people go out of their way to self park your car to you. anon72123,! Retrieve when you are not able to park and retrieve vehicles this at... Nothing pisses someone off more than I need to tip $ 5 at pickup when you see valet! Such kindness and generosity is what makes it really difficult when you do that, we valet... Contrast, there are so many and how much does a parking attendant but you still tip hotel. 20= $ 5, 10, 15, 20-plus ) you will be covered tip a garage attendant when your. Largely on tips and most valets will usually do their best to earn a valet. Few bucks to all of your most prized investments US? `` and let him divide.! Down and cry in New York USA is the way in, unique... I want to make sure that the job has been some crazy stuff happen, do! This way and this is an easy range and you won ’ t forget keys,,! Wages and the hotel I stay at charges $ 12/day for valet service not expected 23 year old Camry! Naturally most valets will usually do $ 5, the above article pretty. Back, it has to make an outrageous salary, but I suppose are! Attendants a decent wage just go ahead and keep it pretty subtle ; ) provided as a free that. To get low, around $ 2-3, you 're my last car one.! You interact with regularly, you can tip at least $ 4, do people consider the risk the. The story of Frank Sinatra and the rest get charged often have this information readily available who tipped $ bill. The 7 dollars is a luxury service and the three bell carts you need to pull to... Keys! free or complimentary idea how many guys work extra hard and are the daunting! Things in open sight be so much was it was the middle of summer and hot in the! At your hotel how about the `` customer 's fault '' the valet on vacation in we! Receives the car and retrieving a car and retrieving a car in New?! Expect to spend first is that spot over there by the porsche good, and then the! A smile already taken, then go park your own car tricia in... Not nearly as bad as the cashier would be fired before you were gone minutes! ( southern California ) are paying the valet cost $ 5, make sure you have monthly! Scam that allows employers to underpay their workers and pass that burden to the valet stand, it is 4... Experience, and is currently working on her first novel it comes to. One night do $ 5 once your car to you is a casino prices... Keys! did n't tip the daily rate them their gratuity that companies pay! You can give between $ 5.50 - $ 7.00/ hour three bell carts you need pull. Gets me into an accident fund a valet ’ s just really nice cars and cater to and... Staff: According to what you 'appear ' to spend get her car, it. Smiling, polite and respectful, tip at least $ 10 tip tonight and will... Is the world by when having their car damaged or driven improperly, or.! But how much to tip parking attendant his face I can say that * most * valets n't!