Is This The Future of Advertisement?

sbdc_advertisingMaybe you noticed it but you probably didn’t.  It’s that post on your Facebook feed that is an ad, but its made to look like just another post from a friend.  In this day and age where we expect our newspapers, leaders, doctors, and teachers and to provide full disclosure of financial arrangements and other important facts, some of the biggest web sites on the Internet are playing fast and loose with our trust by passing off ads as just a normal post.

This type of ad is called “Native Ads” and because of their placement in our regular viewing area must illicit a higher than average response rate.  The fact that they provide no special border, or tag gives the user no idea that it’s a paid placement and that is just wrong.

My hope is that enough people begin to call out these ads for their mis-leading nature that the companies either remove these from our “organic” viewing area or else make it much more clear that this is an advertising and not a posting from one of our friends., Heal Thy Self

As so often happens, initial diagnosis are frequently wrong. When “” launched and the early reports stated that no one could register, things did not work, and pages did not load, the initial diagnosis was that the site was being overwhelmed by users.

This seemed unlikely to me. Having been in the industry for over 18 years, we have made thousands of forms and hundreds of thousands of web pages for clients. In order to overwhelm a modest number of servers you would need thousands of users simultaneously. I just could not fathom all of those people looking for healthcare at the same time.

Could the various government agencies developing this site really have underestimated how many users were going to use the system, and in this day and age, when servers are now capable of handling thousands of requests per second, how few machines did the government dedicate to the effort?

The latest reports stated that the problem may have been with the system. The numbers of users are not fully disclosed, but my gut feeling is that the problem was not with the servers, but they are easy scapegoats. The issue I think is an architectural one. Only time will tell if the doctor can save the patient.

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Apple Officially Released the iOS 7 on September 18, and It’s a Brand New-Looking OS.

iOS logo
iOS logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are a big fan of music, you must check out the iTunes Radio! Yes, free iTunes Radio is now available on iOS 7. Of course you can enjoy many different stations such as pop, jazz, rock, etc and you can build your own stations too.

Love to share photos, contacts, location? No problem, AirDrop is here to help, just choose what you want to share and tag who you want to share it with. But remember to make yourself discoverable,

iOS 7 makes control so much easier, no need to unlock your phone, just slide up to open your control center, and you can see your music player, camera, wifi, flashlight, etc,. slide down, you can see weather, calendar and stocks.

iOS 7 is an amazing upgrade well worth the upgrade.

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