7 - Rapid Shot / take a small -2 to add an extra attack, 8 (Bonus) - Clustered Shots / at about this point in the game, if not earlier, DR will be a problem. The only other race with +2 Dex and Wis without penalty is the garuda-blooded aasimar, and, well, he doesn’t have a +2 DODGE BONUS TO AC, now does he? Then the kasatha is your friend. Un kasatha ottiene bonus razziale +4 alle prove di Costituzione e ai Tiri Salvezza su Tempra per evitare l'Affaticamento, l'Esaurimento e gli altri effetti nocivi dovuti a corse, marce forzate, fame, sete e ambienti caldi o freddi. This is from the Feat Tax rules. They are a 20 RP race, which could cause some issues. Kasatha Gunslinger Build. Kasatha. Debug layouts Four-Armed: The main draw of playing a kasatha. The usefulness of this ability depends on whether or not you’re playing in a desert. Without any penalties, though, there’s nothing stopping a kasatha from shining as other classes. However, the vestigial limb discovery does bring up the ridiculous idea of a SIX-armed kasatha. With their being aliens, a lot of questions get asked of a kasatha cleric. Other than spell combat, there’s nothing going for or against a kasatha magus. Does your desert nomad have a little bit of angel in him? Deadly Aim! Let me know if I missed anything important or made a mistake! Guess we gotta abuse the race in Pathfinder! Permission to print. Anyway, like a cleric, the kasatha's Wisdom bonus will help as a druid. I do believe the authors of Ultimate Magic didn’t anticipate a four-armed race. Multiply that by 9 for an average of 522 damage per round. So, Kasathas, for those who don't know, are a very rare alien race with 4 arms. 5 - Multiple Weapon Fighting / alright here is where we get started. Otherwise, a kasatha sorcerer is just okay. Groovy! Monk: THIS is the role the kasatha was meant to play. I rolled an attack, and with no 1's or 2's and a critical hit, I rolled 676 damage. Much like the Pathfinder Guide to the Guides, this will contain character guides and builds for the Starfinder ruleset. send him into the enemies area invisible(to threat he need to be in the same space. A kasatha witch or wizard isn't anything spectacular. Basically, if you die in the desert, it won’t be from heat or exhaustion. This does raise the question: How does this affect spell combat? If this is not allowed in your game, be sure to pick up Deadly Aim to boost your low-level damage. The +39 damage comes from: Dex (+15, 20th level gunslingers can take the alternate capstone ability that grants them 1.5x Dex to damage), inherent damage bonuses from our archetype (+3), weapon enhancement bonuses (+5), Weapon Specialization (+4), and Deadly Aim (+12). Other than spell combat, there’s nothing going for or against a kasatha magus. 'Desert Stride','Four Armed','Historian','Natural Grace', Source SCOM Kasatha who were raised outside of the generation ship might have different ability adjustments. Coureur du désert (Ext). At first level, your stats should look like this: You have room to shuffle these around depending on what you want but a few things are key: You need 20 Dex, you need enough Strength to carry all of your weapons, and you need at least a +2 bonus to Wisdom. There's lots of fun things you can do here, and I was just excited at the idea and happy with the product that came out.